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Just being good at work is not sufficient. Employees also need to conduct themselves in the best way they can, to achieve success


You have a good job. You show up on time, work efficiently and achieve good results. Your life is sorted, right? Wrong. According to experts, just being good at your work does not ensure good growth and future prospects even for the brightest of the lot. To achieve the desired success at work, one needs to look beyond the obvious and chart unexplored territories. An employee’s personal conduct at work is of utmost importance and it is about reinventing oneself and preparing for a larger picture in the organisation rather than just doing run-of-the-mill tasks and getting their regular appraisals annually.

As one arrives at the workplace, the first thing that gets noticed is how he/she is dressed for work. It is important to dress according to the job you are in, but it is equally important to be dressed well even when you are not in client-facing profiles. Pallavi Jha, MD and chairperson, Dale Carnegie Training India, goes on to say, “Whether one should dress up in formal attire or casuals, totally depends on the requirements of his job profile and the company one is working with. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to be comfortable and well dressed. It means showing up looking fresh and wearing clothes that can be worn both, in front of the co-workers as well as customers. Even in more casual environments, it pays to dress keeping in mind that you may have to interact with the outside world.”

Along with dressing well, maintaining a professional and positive attitude at work helps one to showcase one’s skills and abilities in the right light. No matter how good you are at work, maintaining a vibe of professionalism is of utmost importance to showcase a good and positive image of yourself. Dr Sriharsha Achar, chief people officer, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, insists that this means doing what it takes to make others think of you well. “Your co-workers should feel that you are a reliable, honest and competent employee. Every employee is accountable for his or her own actions. Hence, all business must be conducted with honesty, integrity and by following the company policies governing day-to-day performance of jobs, including the standards of business conduct in the workplace. These are the real ingredients to make a great impression at work,” says Achar.

A lot has changed in the past few years. The earlier norms of behaving in a workplace do not seem to hold much value today. With more and more millennials entering the workforce, the enterprises are transforming from an agrarian enterprise, where conformity, centralisation and submission were fundamentally critical into a non-hierarchal networked one. Moreover, technology and social interaction have caused enterprises externally and internally to be extremely transparent and legit. Saif Ahmad, founding CEO, Hallwaze Inc, adds, “The same needs to be followed in our discourse when we talk independently to our clients or colleagues. While the world is getting liberal about how you talk and act, there are standard procedures that have never showed signs of change. Holding on to anger, manipulating partners and lying or severing ties is not going to help anybody lead any place. Actually, the greatest lesson in business is that achievement is about connections.”

Being polite and courteous is equally important for achieving great results at the workplace. Tinku Singh, group president & CSO (chief strategy officer), SRS Group, sums it up well when he says, “Good manners are a basic requirement for a healthy working environment. Whenever interacting with colleagues, providing feedback, giving instructions or being stern on any issue, one should not cross the boundary of etiquettes. Being polite and courteous towards fellow colleagues is the best approach to be followed. The most effective way to reinforce what you expect from others is to act as a role model.”

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